Tea growing in Fortportal.

Tea growing is one of the widely practiced farming activities in Fort Portal. A group of farmers in the plantation get their hands on for work as they harvest the tea leaves and put them together in the a basket which they carry onto their heads. During Lunch time a break is taken as they receive their meal of the day then go back to work. When the day is done they collect their tea leaves together in sacks for measurements to be taken in form of Kilograms and this determines their pay at the end of the day.

I spent the day with Abwoli who is one of the farmers.


She uses a stick to pick out the Tea leaves
Abwoli gets a lunch break


with her container she receives her meal for the day.


Abwolis potrait after a whole day of successful work
She collects together her tea
After the day is done they put together the tea leaves in a sack and measuring is done.

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